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        Tricyclazole, a protective triazole fungicide with strong systemic properties, has special effects in controlling rice blast, can be absorbed by rice roots, stems and leaves after application, and can be transported in plants. Spraying 1 or 2 times during the whole rice growth period can effectively prevent the occurrence of rice blast. Tricyclazole has strong anti-scouring ability, and it does not need to be sprayed after raining for 1 hour. Mainly to inhibit spore germination and attached sporulation, thereby effectively preventing the invasion of pathogens and reducing the production of rice blast fungus spores. Tricyclazole has strong systemic and running properties, and it is slowly decomposed in plants and soil, with a residual effect period of 7 to 10 weeks. It can be sprayed with seeds, roots or leaves, and the prevention effect is good. Moderately toxic to humans and animals, the oral LD50 of rats was 305 mg/kg, and the rats were fed with 275 mg/kg dose for 3 months without adverse effects. The safety interval was 30 days, and the residual amount in brown rice was 0.0164-0.1554. Mg/kg, lower than the allowable amount of brown rice in the United States and Japan.

        Product name

        Structural formula

        Chemical Name


        CAS No.: 41814-78-2

        Molecular formula: C9H7N3S



        95% Tricyclazole TECH's Item / Index:



        Tricyclazole TECH content %


        Moisture %


        Acetone insolubles%


        PH range



        Light yellow powder or red crystal



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